I chose to create an avatar using an MMORPG called The Secret World. I own the game but haven’t played it in a really long time so I thought it would be fun to pick it back up by making a new character. Of course since my schedule is packed I won’t have much time to work on leveling up or playing for fun. Nevertheless I did enjoy making this character because I think it turned out better than my original one that has higher stats from gameplay.

One of my favorite aspects of creating a character using this method is that the visual style. Upon starting a new game, you are presented with a wide array of random preselected characters categorized by gender. After choosing one you get to customize the physical features through a set of sliding bars and color swatches covering a mass amount of possibilities. To top that off you can always go to an underground cosmetic surgeon later if you change your mind on your appearance.

The clothing can be found in various areas from a fashion boutique in London to military uniforms in crates near installations. The developers also still add content fairly regularly such as seasonal items and character costumes. This game brings people together and requires participation with other players as some missions cannot be completed individually. Players have to get involved to play. That, to me, is the definition of engagement.


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