Immersive Engagement Proposal

What happens on the other side of the hill? Does our hero walk off into the sunset… or is this just the beginning? Once you climb the mountain what is the reward? As all self interested creatures of this planet want to know “What’s in it for me?” In response to the call and following our journey… what is our reward? I wanted to convey the notion that the gilded loot is never a reward, merely a side effect of success. Upon first look this is just a tree.. nothing to see here or so it seems until you peer directly between the tree and the mountain that came before. You will find a door, not just any door but a very unusual one that invites you to enter the tree. Once inside you will notice all colors of the rainbow including the duality of the “white and black crayons” and the reward sitting among a heap of useless loot. The reward is a scroll with knowledge accompanied by a viewer which students can use to upload textures and objects for previewing before their creative journey truly begins. On the wall a video can be seen. I’m still working on that part but it will be words of wisdom to help our hero. My goal in this step is to provoke further engagement after the hero receives the reward.


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