The Hero's Journey

Immersive Engagement Midterm Report

Step 1: Ordinary World – This step can be found at the beginning of the trail before entering the forrest.

Issac – Step 2: Call to Adventure – The hero encounters a split path with a sign, some encouragement to keep going and a dear on each path.

Step 3: Refusal of the Call – There are several logs along this area blocking the path to represent hurdles.

Sierra – Step 4: Meeting with the Mentor – This step contains several apple trees with ladders that can be interacted with to obtain an apple.

Rob – Step 5: Crossing the First Threshold – Rabbits can be found at the beginning of this step followed by a mountain of stairs, a portal / threshold and box with some keys.

Step 6: Tests, Allies, Enemies – This step contains a picnic area with a backpack and some small pouches. These will come in handy.

Step 7: Approach – A pond can be found containing several rocks with floating spheres. These spheres can be interacted with causing the avatar to pose.

Ryan – Step 8: Ordeal – There is a mountain with a dead end cave blocking the path.  Inside the cave there is a key and a treasure chest. Avatars then need to find a way over the mountain.

Cory – Step 9: Reward – After going over the mountain, avatars will go through an archway and down into a tree containing the reward. A video, a scroll a painting torches and a box with a key can be found inside the tree.

Step 10: The Road Back – The path continues but is not over yet.

Step 11: Resurrection Hero – The avatar begins to emerge from the woods.

Step 12: Return with Elixir – There is a treasure chest located toward the end of the path containing the “elixir”



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