The Hero's Journey

Feelings on Presentation


I had a lot of fun presenting the project. I really liked how we had all of the students as well as the Renne and Ami logged into their own avatars. It made the presentation an immersive experience. I think the walkthrough was immensely helpful because I think we forget sometimes how even though technology is expanding at an exponential rate, our adaptability to it stays at a much more constant rate. Tools like a visual aid are the best way to communicate some ideas to students. If I were an older student, or someone who has never played video games I would have been a lot more lost at the beginning of class. Even then the immense amount of text is sometimes overwhelming so I think this presentation was a great way to communicate what the general idea of what we’re working on here is about.

One of my favorite aspects of the presentation was that students were able to introduce their blogs as well as talk about their overall progress throughout the program. It definitely helped to have some more experienced SL users to learn from. I also really loved infusing my own visual style/branding with my portion of the project. I’m usually nervous presenting but this was a great experience. The Q&A session was extremely valuable as well. If I were to have changed anything it would have been to invite more of the faculty and other students from different fields to get their perspectives on the project.


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