The Hero's Journey

Final Report


The Hero’s journey is the storytelling formula. It is a 3D interactive visualization of an individual’s path to success. There is also an augmented component using keys that can be found throughout the Peninsula College campus.

To give a walkthrough idea of how this works without offering any spoilers we have to start at the clock tower. There will be a parrot to greet newcomers to the journey and guide them along the way. Follow the bridge to cross a river and you’ll find step one of the journey “The Ordinary World”. Nothing too flashy, pretty ordinary. There will also be a sign that explains the general idea here and you’ll notice that it’s raining. There are also some glowing keys. Pick those up and continue to step 2 “Call to Adventure.” Here you’ll notice that there are several pathways leading through archways blocked by deer as well as some words of encouragement.

Once you’re through the arches you’ll receive a new hat and be on your way to step 3 “Refusal of the Call.” Every hero is familiar with this step… don’t let the blocked path slow you down. There will be a lot of wildlife on your way to step 4 “Meeting with the Mentor.” In this area you’ll find some more signage as well as some apple trees that appear to be ripe for picking. Continuing on you’ll run into another split in the path but there really is no choice but to climb the stairs. Upon reaching step 5 “Crossing the First Threshold” know it when you see it at the top of the stairs, you will be given some apple seeds. There’s also a slideshow in the building on the left to check out. Don’t get lost reads a sign as you’re on your way to the arch for step 6 “Tests, Allies and Enemies.” Here you will see some of the northwest indigenous wildlife and on the right is a picnic area where some more useful items can be found.

On the next step, 7 “Adaptation and Approach” the trail ends and becomes a pond with several rocks. These rocks have floating text that will give you an idea of what they’re for. On to step 8 “Ordeal” our heroes come to a dead end cave with some more clues and keys. On the way out of the cave you can see an arrow pointing upward indicating that you must fly over the mountain. Once you’re over the mountain, follow the arrow to step 9 “Reward!” As if falling down the rabbit hole you will notice this entire step is hidden within a tree. Leave no stone unturned in this guilded place. There are plenty of rewards to be had. Once you’re done, walk out through the archway to step 10 “The Road Back,” followed by step 11 “The Resurrection Hero” and finally, step 12 “Return with the Elixir” where a bridge is provided to get back across the river. You’ll notice there are still some empty steps. Those are to be completed by a future class. From here it’s just a short walk to our student galleries and the classroom where we mapped out or first concept and learned how to use the build mode in one of our first sessions. Like I said, there are hidden objects throughout and I’m writing this without spoilers because those are what make this experience so immersive.

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