The Hero's Journey

Hero’s Journey Presentation


This week my class and I presented our SecondLife project “A Hero’s Journey” to Ami Magisos, the programs stakeholder. Each participant in the presentation was logged into the SecondLife viewer with their avatar. Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond, the class instructor was also logged into her avatar on the projector. We walked through the 3D trail in the woods, the journey with lessons, interactive objects and rewards scattered throughout.

The journey was created as a series of steps. Students were assigned 1 of 12 steps each of which represents a phase of the storytelling process. During the presentation, students went to the front of the class and used Renne’s avatar on the projector to present the work they contributed to the project. Since there weren’t 12 people this quarter on the project, we left half of the map unfinished for the next students to continue the journey. Everyone who worked on this project presented the steps that were completed as well as their blogs. I presented my work on “Step 9: Reward” using my avatar and then walked the group through my blog on the projector. I was really pleased with the format of the presentation and made a point to highlight the progress made over the quarter through the visual vocabulary and snapshots during the construction process of the Hero’s Journey. My favorite part was being able to show the groups work inside the gallery.


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