The Hero's Journey



I’m not a marketing expert but in my opinion I think that this class needs to be a requirement in the first year for students in the field of marketing and economics at least to map out a clearer picture of the programs potential. This knowledge is applicable to every field. Not only is it important for every professional to have a full understanding of the internet, but they need to know how to use tools like SecondLife, YouTube, WordPress and social media to their advantage. The students need to understand that the internet has an etiquette early in their career and how to maximize their potential by understanding digital citizenship.

While the tech side is very important I think the richest part of this program is the story content. Not only does it illustrate visually what our journey entails, but it also augments reality through the use of hidden keys on Peninsula College’s campus. The lessons learned within this interactive map will last a lifetime and are designed as a self-reflection tool. We are all the heroes of our own journey. As we walk along the winding path of life there are hidden treasures but the most valuable treasure comes in forms other than monetary riches.


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