Inspiration for Hyperland

“Hyperland” isn’t a prediction in my opinion. From what I can tell, Douglass Adams could see the trajectory of the exponential growth of technology and built upon the prophetic work of another man who’s pioneering efforts can be found within nearly every facet of our modern society. He did a great job of visualizing an interface for the many projects of Vannevar Bush.

While Bush was the visionary behind this notion of a machine becoming an extension of ourselves for memory and intelligence enhancement among other various reasons including military, the hardware he was working with was unable to fully realize his dream. It wasn’t until after the invention of the processor that his ideas were able to be manifested by others like Adams who took his work and ran with it. Something I really admire about Vannevar Bush is his emphasis on the individual. I think while some of his work may be controversial, particularly what he did militarily, it would appear that his heart was in the right place.

One of my favorite parts of “Hyperland” is near the conclusion when the butler is the newscaster on TV with a map covered in question marks and he forecasts the closure of linear television. We now see this coming to fruition with TVs being converted into “Smart” TVs and being able to access apps in the same way a tablet or computer would. It’ll be interesting to work towards escaping these eye damaging headset lenses / screens and finally embrace holographic projection once and for all.


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