Education and Video Games

  1. Play a video or mobile game and write about what information was delivered through this medium.

I played a game called Hitman. It’s the latest in a franchise based on an assassin. The main character is 47 and he is accompanied via com link by his handler Dianna. As you go through your missions she offers intel to give you more options and help you. The maps are enormous so it’s easy to get lost. There are objects to interact with littered throughout, most can be used as weapons. 47 can hide in plain sight by using disguises that are in certain locations and he can even take clothes off of incapacitated NPCs to use as a disguise. The NPCs are highly intelligent and react to suspicious activity so it’s important to cover your tracks. Boxes, lockers, wardrobes and crates are all over the map and can hide several bodies each.

New targets and challenges are updated all the time so the great thing about this game is that it’s never the same. After each successful mission the player is given a score based on positive actions such as stealth and negative actions like killing a civilian. The player is also given a title at the end based on their style of game play for example the title “Dynamite Harry” can be obtained by using remote explosives to take out a target. This has been one of my favorite series’ since it started and this latest installation does not disappoint at all. The story is amazing and despite not being able to modify an avatar the game is great at providing plenty of agency to the player through other methods.

  1. Review video and media in this discussion board. Write about what surprised you.

I grew up playing video games and the first multiplayer game I ever played was Super Mario Bros so it was really no surprise to see that it’s the most successful video game franchise. I was, however surprised to see how low the percentage of parents who play video games with their kids was mostly because my mom was the person who sparked my interest in video games. She was just as addicted to Nintendo as I was back then. It’s a fun way to spend family time. Platforms like the Nintendo Wii are great for holiday gatherings.



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