HG2G – Russian Entry Progress

Russia HG2G Website


Before researching Russia for my HG2G website project I knew a little, not much about the country but because my family is Russian/German I thought it would be interesting to find out more. I remember hearing my grandma talk about “Babushkas” which I came across during my research. The term basically means grandmother and they usually wear a scarf tied under the chin. In Russian culture, grandmothers play a very important role. I found out through a recent documentary that some of them never left Chernobyl which has been a topic of some of my artwork. The link to the trailer can be found below. She would also talk about the Cold War, the bread lines and some of the difficult things people would do to survive the poverty.


I love Russian food! There’s a very authentic Russian market in Tacoma that I always go to and buy pirozhkis whenever passing through. Since doing my own research I’ve learned a lot of great things about Russian culture.

ahn_we-love-mom_piroshkis1-970x646© Eugene Ahn

One thing that stood out to me was how technologically advanced the country is. A very large portion of the population works in tech and they have a lot to show for it militarily as well as for entertainment purposes. I was amazed to find out as recently as the 5th of November that the Russian military is testing the world’s first VR helmet for drone pilots! How exiting is that!?

vr-drone-helmet© Chris Helgren / Reuters


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