Dress for Success

Keeping with the Biomechanical theme, I would like to shine a spotlight on the movie Alien 3 for this week’s topic “Dress for Success.” Despite this being one of my favorite movies in my favorite series’, I feel it explores a significant design process that is often overlooked… Natural selection. The scene where a four legged Xenomorph bursts from the chest of a Rottweiler is extremely significant for many reasons. This shows the nature of this biomechanical species life cycle. In order for one to be born, another organism must perish. It’s almost as if a butterfly sheds its cocoon however, the cocoon is a life form itself. Not only that but these creatures adapt using the genetic code they inherit through their host. In the following movie the military attempts to use this species as a weapon and revives them with cloning technology which of course goes south from there but it also highlights the value of such traits. Side note – In Prometheus, the revival of the Alien franchise, A new type of Xenomorph is unveiled in the last scene featuring a splice with another new species. Looking forward to seeing where that goes.


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