Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley is the term for an acceptance curb of a machine with human like qualities either through virtual reality, robotics or a variety of other technologies. Rejection of these human like machines is often based on fear. Fear of machines is a human survival instinct. People naturally fear what they don’t understand.  The uncanny valley phenomenon get’s particularly frightening when there is an added AI component. Design tends to mimic nature, it’s just a fact of life as is fear. Science fiction is a large part of why people get so uneasy around the artificial imitation of their image. Never the less, there are generally two schools of thought on the subject; machines will serve humanity or machines will destroy humanity. I tend to be a realistic optimist so to highlight a positive example of a widely accepted form of machines resembling people I’d like to point out that Amazon, Apple and google have found a way to interact with their customers without getting too creepy for the most part by communicating with their customers using a female human voice. 


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