Virtual Collaboration

When it comes to collaboration there are so many tools both free and subscription based that bring digital artists together. I’ve found that using Autodesk Fusion 360 is what works for me. It’s extremely easy to share instantly via multiple platforms since a share button is built in. With the URL that is shared there is a viewer for 3D models that utilized the view cube along with several tools to make notes and even changes to the project. Another great feature is that each mesh has a history which also shows who changed what on the project. A really great resource I found but do not have a subscription to is 3D artist magazine. I put in a request with the Peninsula College library to subscribe to this magazine as I think it would be inspiring and education for students. Unity and Unreal both appear to be great collaborative tools for 3D artists and designers and I look forward to learning more about how they work. When it comes to staying sane while working from home, I have no issue with it. I love working from home and when I feel like I need a break from my desk I go out and take photos, paint or sculpt.


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