3D, The Hero's Journey

Key to success “Enrich”

I used Autodesk Fusion 360 to create the key to success “Enrich” for the Hero’s Journey. I wanted to use positive and negative space around the spiral to give the key more dimension. The teeth of the key also convey a sense of correspondence by using curved lines. I wanted a texture with more shine but when the key was converted to .DAE the nice gold texture from Fusion didn’t make it so I had to improvise within the Second Life viewer by applying a gold texture and adjusting the material settings to give the shine I was looking for. I learned a lot by using Fusion and trying out the different functions. I first tried this with Photoshop but was disappointed with the way it rendered. It started as an image, then I traced it using a sketch tool in Fusion 360. After that I applied an extrusion to the key and fillet to the edges. I ran into another snag when trying to export it so had to result to a trial version of a software but it worked. It was then ready for Renne to put into the Hero’s journey map so I sent it to her via email and that’s it. Here are a few images of the process. The key is now ready to print, augment or use for a game.


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