Pros – There are no pros to globalization and I’ll explain why. Many individuals and groups have convinced themselves that this dangerous and unnatural practice of government “cooperation” or consolidation rather has several benefits. Some of the proponents talking points include the following: free trade reduces barriers, lowers prices, creates jobs, promotes economic growth, encourages competition, prosperity, democracy, “global warming” later rebranded as “climate change,” respect for human rights yada yada yada. This system of unparalleled control is nothing but a living nightmare of corruption and criminal enterprises operating in secret while masquerading as the fairytale ideal system that the Germanic Socialist Adolf Hitler himself dreamed of (Snyder, 2015). This concept of one world government in the 21st century is George Orwell’s vision “1984” on steroids due in part by the abuse of power of the deep state up to and including genocide. (Levene, 2005) The only pro to globalization that I can think of is that it’s on its way out. With the rise of a new technocratic era (Brzezinski, 1976), globalization as we know it will fall to the wayside as a primitive relic of the past. “Technology is a part of geopolitics that is often overlooked, and yet it fundamentally changes the way countries interact with one another and cope with their inherent constraints.” (Keller, 2016)

Cons – The whole notion of global governance is a con. In theory and on paper it looks great thanks to an army of lobbyists, lawyers, “philanthropists” and marketing experts. Practice is a different story however. In reality globalization is an ugly idea that has a record of accomplishment rivaling that of some of history’s most notorious mass murderers. When civilians are in trouble there are few places they can receive aid from other than different governments around the world. To merge these governments under one power would provide no escape from absolute power and subsequent tyranny. As we all know (or should by now) “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” (Acton, 1887) The dark side of globalization is rarely talked about because of the magnitude of scandal surrounding human trafficking and how globalization is “fueling its growth.” (Loring Jones, 2007)





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