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Public Service Announcement Proposal

A Public Service Announcement featuring Peninsula Colleges Education program for inmates at Clallam Bay Correctional Facility.

Production Staff – need to decide what specific roles everyone should take on – all of them or split actions out.

Cory Castillon
Directing, Producing, Writing, Filming, Editing, Interviewing


Education drastically reduces recidivism for inmates who complete their sentences. This film explores the education program at Clallam Bay Corrections Center.

Background & Need

The need for education among the prison population is skyrocketing as the number of individuals behind bars rises. Peninsula College provides pathways to success upon exiting prison through education. Various programs from culinary arts to coding and game design are among the programs that the college provides to fill the various needs and support the many interests of the population at Clallam Bay Corrections Center.

 Approach, Form & Style

Upon approval by administration, PR, legal and management officials, this film will comprise of several interviews featuring inmates who are currently in the education program at the maximum-security prison on the Olympic Peninsula. This film will be an informational and interview public service announcement in form and the style will be as transparent as possible within the legal and policy guidelines provided by the facility’s HQ located in Olympia, WA. Some interviews may be audio only combined with various shots of the surroundings, shadows, hands, computer screens etc. while other scenes will contain information from the program instructors as well as administrators.

 Production Schedule

First half of Oct. 2017

Securing the rights to film, establishing guidelines to comply with laws and policies of the facility, writing interview questions and setting dates to film

Second half of Oct. 2017
Exploring the facility, finding a location to film, determining who can interview (death row inmates, juveniles, convicts with gag orders and pending court dates are not eligible) Filming interviews and surrounding scenes.

Beginning of Nov. 2017

Editing, screening, and presentation

Nov. 8 – Version 1
Nov. 15 – Version 2

Budget – Based on “what if” budget for major media outlets

Hourly Rate Per Filmmaker $30

5 hours total filming = $150

7 hours total editing = $210

6 hours travel time = $180

3 hours concept & development = $90

Total hourly charges = $630

Miscellaneous Expenses

Travel meals $75

Lighting = $140

Video props = $75

Video clothes = $300

Travel Expenses = $100

Total Costs = $690

Total Film Budget = $1,320.00

Audience, Marketing & Distribution

This film is designed to go viral to inspire other correction facilities to offer similar programs. It will be marketed to the general public, particularly friends and families of people who are currently in the massive correction system in the United States. It will be distributed online starting with the filmmaker’s blog and social media accounts as well as YouTube and shared with the Rockefeller Philanthropy Group’s “Art for Justice Fund.”


Cory Castillon is a full-time student at Peninsula College studying graphic design in the multimedia communications department. His artwork consists of mixed media from acrylic, photography, Adobe, Autodesk, Unreal Engine, Unity, to his signature porcelain sculptures. Cory is currently working on his Associates degree in multimedia and will be pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in business soon. As an honors student, his capstone project was to create a formula using the pop up gallery format to provide an outlet for student artists to share their work with their local communities and beyond. His Correctional Access project was featured in the nonprofit commons Digital Citizenship exhibit in which he advocates for access to VR technology for inmate rehabilitation and employment training. The goal of that project is to offer creative solutions to ending mass incarceration in the United States.


Release forms will be required for all individuals appearing in our film.