Inspiring Engagement Through Trans Media

To inspire effective engagement with the audience using a trans media challenge for the mini documentary featuring the video game design class at Clallam Bay Correction Center I will apply a hashtag to the video so that people will take to social media platforms and share the video. This program to educate inmates about game design is interesting and inspiring. People know what to do when they see a hashtag and so this would fall under the “Contribution of Content” type of challenge. By offering the hashtag in the video, people are challenged to act, it is in a way a call to action to share the video with others so the idea spreads.

Transmedia marketing is everywhere. In my experience with working retail I saw it all the time. Anytime a new movie came out there would be tons of new products in our shipments to replace the inventory of last season’s media craze. From musical artists, to movies and video games, the constant rotation of graphic t-shirts, patches, stickers buttons and trinkets was endless. I even saw people walking around with tattoos reflecting some of their favorite media campaigns so they in a way become sort of a walking talking billboard of the transmedia marketing of a product.