When it comes to social media platforms, it’s important to have the right ones for the market you’re trying to target. As a fine artist, a photographer and a graphic artist there are many platforms I can choose from to reach the people I’m looking to interact with. It’s also important for me to maintain a presence on other platforms as well so that the content I produce will be easier for people to locate. For example, while Facebook and Twitter are not specifically created for artists to share their work, most internet users are on these platforms so by being there, my work can reach more people.

All the while, there are platforms created specifically for artists like myself to curate work for presentation to audiences specifically looking for art. Behance, DeviantArt, Pinterest and Instagram are great examples of platforms for artists because they’re primarily visual. Then there are blog sites like WordPress that make it easy to have one central location for artwork as well as information and distribute across multiple platforms with one click using features like IFTTT (If This Then That.) Another place that’s essential for connecting with professionals who are looking for talent of all sorts is LinkedIn because it is created primarily to display a resume for companies.

With that said, I intend on deploying a variety of these tools to engage with my audience, potential buyers and employers. As a painter, sculptor, photographer, mixed media and graphic artist, I’ll be sharing mostly images of my process and artwork however there are times when I need to communicate a message, so WordPress is going to be one of my main assets. I also maintain an official website through Bluehost at corycastillon.com where a more minimalist and polished version of my portfolio can be found. All the while, I’ll be on facebook/twitter to reach larger audiences and Behance/LinkedIn to market to employers while finding inspiration from other artists. And finally, my Instagram profile will be used more for sharing my photography and some behind the scenes images of my studio.