Brand loyalty is important for companies to achieve not only because of revenue generated by repeat business but it creates highly effective free advertising through brand advocates or customers who have had a good experience with your brand and want to share that with their circles by recommending your brand or even writing an online review in favor of your brand. A company I’ve had a great experience with has been Blackberry. I’ve always enjoyed their products and their unique designs as well as security features. This has resulted in the company earning my respect and repeat business by going back for new products. I have confidence in the quality of their products, so I’ve recommended them to others. As the only smartphone company to feature consistently high levels of security and a hardware keyboard on their devices along with a hub that organizes content, this brand has had no problem standing the test of time while separating itself from its competitors.


At one point, the company almost shut down because they struggled to adapt. As a loyal customer to their brand, I was sad when I heard the news. Fortunately, in the last couple of years the company has restructured itself to become more current and competitive. One of the major ways they did this was by moving away from using its own operating system which did not have access to the apps on Google Play drastically reducing the availability of apps to users, to operating using the android platform. This was the best thing they could have done to improve. They’ve also continued to offer a keyboard for their original base while creating full touch screen models as well to appeal to new customers while competing with brands like Samsung, Apple and LG. Overall, I’ve been happy with their products from when I first started using them in the early 2000’s until now in 2018. That’s a long time to keep a customer so they’re doing something right.