I find pop up galleries interesting. Communities of interest also enjoy these types of events. They’re great for meeting and collaborating with other artists while sharing your collective passion with communities. It’s a great way to bring artists, art lovers and art collectors together in one place at the same time. The nice thing about pop up galleries is that they are only available for a limited time, so it creates more of an event than a typical gallery experience.

The purpose of a press release is to make an announcement. It’s a way of targeting potentially interested individuals or groups and prompt their engagement. Press releases are typically used to announce an event. I recently released a teaser for an event in the form of a short press release. My intent was to float the idea out to communities of interest to see who would like to show their art and who would like to attend. I’ve already received several great responses to the idea of continuing the STEM to STE(A)M Pop-Up Gallery.


When I piloted my first event for my Honors Capstone Project I was unaware of how it would impact others or if anyone would even show up. After all the hard work I put in to get this event into place and design every detail so that it would succeed I had no idea what to expect until it happened. I was completely new at event planning so when I began to set up the tables and people who knew about the event showed up to help I felt reassured. After setting up the tables the artists began to arrive with their amazing work. It was so awesome to see their excitement to be part of the event. Finally, when the guests walked in and started to look around I remembered a phrase my mentor always emphasized “DON’T PANIC!” Once I saw the smiles on the faces of everyone enjoying the beauty those artists delivered, and the pride on the artists faces, I felt the reward of my efforts. I look forward to another successful pop-up gallery this spring.