This class has helped me hone my business plan. At first, I wasn’t sure what my business would be about. I knew I wanted to make and sell art. I also knew that I wanted to help others.

Through the modules of this class my path forward has been revealed to me. It’s helped me realize that I need a clear vision before I can market it. I’ve been torn in several directions from the beginning. One major aspect is that I want to be able to market my own artwork. I’ve found that having my work placed on several platforms as well as a blog and my website is a good start to that process.

Something very near and dear to my heart is the ability to help others through artwork. My social media marketing class has helped me find a way to make that happen. After creating a piece of art with the ashes of my father, I realized that this is probably something others might want. This has prompted me to offer this type of service to others who have loved ones that have crossed over. Now I can move forward, to create with purpose and give those in tragedy hope for the ones they love and lost.