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Mass Media – Digital Nation


I’d like to begin by addressing some of the issues with the content that was presented in module five. The part that stood out to me the most was the shockingly naive statement by Mr. Scott Paltrow. According to his analysis “The idea that the real cause of 9/11 has been completely covered up is implausible.” Let’s take a closer look at why he makes this assertion. He says there was no cover up besides what President George W. Bush did on that day which in his own words was to “Turn tail and run rather than return to Washington.” I’m no fan of either of the Bush presidents or their actions, I will however point out that this diversion of the true cover up is extremely ignorant of Secret Service protocol. Ask anyone who remembers what happened that day and they will tell you that Washington was a target as well so the notion that he was a coward for not returning that day is ignorant of how reality works. I don’t want to beat this topic to death so I’ll just conclude by saying that the 9/11 commission report has been entirely discredited in the eyes of the scientific community. I’ll refer you to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth at Anyone who’s read the controversial 9/11 Commission Report and looked at the evidence presented by scientists and mathematicians as opposed to bureaucrats can see that there’s clearly a discrepancy in the narrative.  I didn’t even mention the Saudi connection, or how the use of the term “Conspiracy Theory” is often used as a tool to demonize opposition to the official narrative but moving on. Nothing to see here.

On the topic of the internet/web, social networking, personalization etc. I’m firmly against curation of content. It creates what is quickly becoming internet ghettos like Facebook and Twitter which are echo chambers for group think. As of this month even YouTube is joining the bandwagon of banning individuals who they disagree with ideologically. Three prominent examples are Milo Yiannopoulos who was the first person ever to lose his blue check mark on twitter which indicates official account status. The second one is most famous for machima and a celebrity in his own right Pew Die Pie whose ad revenue was attacked because of some controversial comments he made in a video. Finally, last but certainly not least, Mark Dice. A famous vlogger who challenges the narrative and interviews people on the street about current events often with comical results. Check out their channels below to see why their free speech is under attack by algorithms and tech companies with certain bias.

As fascinating as Deb Roy’s little surveillance and deep learning project was, it’s implications are terrifyingly dangerous. With mapping people’s lives like this it makes individuals easy targets for their beliefs. Giving governments access to something like this is worse than even Orwell could have imagined not to mention what AI is going to do with it. Seems like every other week the plugs are having to be pulled on rogue AI projects due to their hostile nature or ability to invent new language out of the control of their creators. Humanity is on a knifes edge with some of these new technologies. Elon Musk hits the nail on the head when he said “AI is the rare case where I think we need to be proactive in regulation instead of reactive. Because I think by the time we are reactive in AI regulation, it’ll be too late. AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization.” He is absolutely right. I’ll leave you with one last video… Something to think about.

SOC 101 - Global Issues

Democracy and Human Rights

Historically, the world has looked to the United States of America as a leading force in the fight to protect human rights. Our freedom in this nation is a beacon of hope to the rest of the world. The American experiment has been emulated by nations in search of freedom. Unfortunately, however, this nation which was designed as a republic by its founders is becoming a threat to its people and the world as it has become infected with the idea that it is a democracy. It has for the past few decades set out on a conquest to infect the rest of the world with this notion of majority rule as opposed to the rule of law. The Founding Fathers knew that Democracy is flawed and they feared its implementation in the United States so they put as many safeguards in the Constitution as they could think of. Sadly, many government representatives, lawyers, judges, and academics are convinced that the Constitution is a living document so they have allowed it to change over time.

Rose Wilder Lane put it best when she wrote that “As an American I am of course fundamentally opposed to democracy and to anyone advocating or defending democracy, which in theory and practice is the basis of socialism. It is precisely democracy which is destroying the American political structure, American law, and the American economy, as [James] Madison said it would, and as [Thomas] Macauley prophesied that it would do in fact in the 20th century.” (Hunter, 2012) Since she mentioned Socialism, let’s look at a current example of this form of governance in the modern age.

Venezuela is the first one that comes to mind. Before the death of its former leader Hugo Chavez, he had nationalized 1,150 companies from oil to banking which caused their productivity to collapse. Corruption is out of control at this point and prices have sky rocketed causing shortages. Lines for food are patrolled by armed guards who call themselves “The Collective” while most people are starving. There is no middle class, only very poor people, and a few very rich people. Thanks to this misguided exercise in democracy Venezuela looks like an apocalyptic dystopian nightmare. It’s common for Marxism to lead to mass murder by the state, Russia learned this lesson the hard way as well.

With that said, no one knows exactly which form of government is best for human rights as they all seem to be bad when it comes to individual liberty and freedom. Most government entities are self-serving so I’m curious to seeing if and how artificial intelligence proposes to solve this age-old dilemma. That is of course if it doesn’t see humans as a threat and assume an aggressive posture.

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Globalization – Pros and Cons



Pros – There are no pros to globalization and I’ll explain why. Many individuals and groups have convinced themselves that this dangerous and unnatural practice of government “cooperation” or consolidation rather has several benefits. Some of the proponents talking points include the following: free trade reduces barriers, lowers prices, creates jobs, promotes economic growth, encourages competition, prosperity, democracy, “global warming” later rebranded as “climate change,” respect for human rights yada yada yada. This system of unparalleled control is nothing but a living nightmare of corruption and criminal enterprises operating in secret while masquerading as the fairytale ideal system that the Germanic Socialist Adolf Hitler himself dreamed of (Snyder, 2015). This concept of one world government in the 21st century is George Orwell’s vision “1984” on steroids due in part by the abuse of power of the deep state up to and including genocide. (Levene, 2005) The only pro to globalization that I can think of is that it’s on its way out. With the rise of a new technocratic era (Brzezinski, 1976), globalization as we know it will fall to the wayside as a primitive relic of the past. “Technology is a part of geopolitics that is often overlooked, and yet it fundamentally changes the way countries interact with one another and cope with their inherent constraints.” (Keller, 2016)

Cons – The whole notion of global governance is a con. In theory and on paper it looks great thanks to an army of lobbyists, lawyers, “philanthropists” and marketing experts. Practice is a different story however. In reality globalization is an ugly idea that has a record of accomplishment rivaling that of some of history’s most notorious mass murderers. When civilians are in trouble there are few places they can receive aid from other than different governments around the world. To merge these governments under one power would provide no escape from absolute power and subsequent tyranny. As we all know (or should by now) “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” (Acton, 1887) The dark side of globalization is rarely talked about because of the magnitude of scandal surrounding human trafficking and how globalization is “fueling its growth.” (Loring Jones, 2007)





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