During the first week of class I was assigned to identify as a shape. The shape I chose to identify with is Ferro Fluid. I stand by my earlier decision in choosing this shape. There’s really no way to 3D print Ferro Fluid however some services can be used to make still mock ups of the shapes it’s able to morph into. For this service I would most likely go with a company like Shapeways. According to a poll taken by lifehacker.com 44.93% said it was the best service for 3D printing. Something I really like about it is that they have a marketplace of items already made models you can work with. I also like that they offer a variety of materials available to print with including stainless steel, precious metals, plastics and even apply a variety of finishes. Users need only upload a file to get their work printed. I’m really excited to try it! I’m not interested in selling my work online. For what I want, I’ll need freelance contracts and to get those I need a portfolio that stands out which I’m in the process of making. Next quarter I have a portfolio class and will have a more clear idea of how to monetize my work then.

3D, The Hero's Journey

Key to success “Enrich”

I used Autodesk Fusion 360 to create the key to success “Enrich” for the Hero’s Journey. I wanted to use positive and negative space around the spiral to give the key more dimension. The teeth of the key also convey a sense of correspondence by using curved lines. I wanted a texture with more shine but when the key was converted to .DAE the nice gold texture from Fusion didn’t make it so I had to improvise within the Second Life viewer by applying a gold texture and adjusting the material settings to give the shine I was looking for. I learned a lot by using Fusion and trying out the different functions. I first tried this with Photoshop but was disappointed with the way it rendered. It started as an image, then I traced it using a sketch tool in Fusion 360. After that I applied an extrusion to the key and fillet to the edges. I ran into another snag when trying to export it so had to result to a trial version of a software but it worked. It was then ready for Renne to put into the Hero’s journey map so I sent it to her via email and that’s it. Here are a few images of the process. The key is now ready to print, augment or use for a game.