SOC 101 - Global Issues

Democracy and Human Rights

Historically, the world has looked to the United States of America as a leading force in the fight to protect human rights. Our freedom in this nation is a beacon of hope to the rest of the world. The American experiment has been emulated by nations in search of freedom. Unfortunately, however, this nation which was designed as a republic by its founders is becoming a threat to its people and the world as it has become infected with the idea that it is a democracy. It has for the past few decades set out on a conquest to infect the rest of the world with this notion of majority rule as opposed to the rule of law. The Founding Fathers knew that Democracy is flawed and they feared its implementation in the United States so they put as many safeguards in the Constitution as they could think of. Sadly, many government representatives, lawyers, judges, and academics are convinced that the Constitution is a living document so they have allowed it to change over time.

Rose Wilder Lane put it best when she wrote that “As an American I am of course fundamentally opposed to democracy and to anyone advocating or defending democracy, which in theory and practice is the basis of socialism. It is precisely democracy which is destroying the American political structure, American law, and the American economy, as [James] Madison said it would, and as [Thomas] Macauley prophesied that it would do in fact in the 20th century.” (Hunter, 2012) Since she mentioned Socialism, let’s look at a current example of this form of governance in the modern age.

Venezuela is the first one that comes to mind. Before the death of its former leader Hugo Chavez, he had nationalized 1,150 companies from oil to banking which caused their productivity to collapse. Corruption is out of control at this point and prices have sky rocketed causing shortages. Lines for food are patrolled by armed guards who call themselves “The Collective” while most people are starving. There is no middle class, only very poor people, and a few very rich people. Thanks to this misguided exercise in democracy Venezuela looks like an apocalyptic dystopian nightmare. It’s common for Marxism to lead to mass murder by the state, Russia learned this lesson the hard way as well.

With that said, no one knows exactly which form of government is best for human rights as they all seem to be bad when it comes to individual liberty and freedom. Most government entities are self-serving so I’m curious to seeing if and how artificial intelligence proposes to solve this age-old dilemma. That is of course if it doesn’t see humans as a threat and assume an aggressive posture.

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