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Brand Loyalty – Blackberry & BMW

Creating brand ambassadors from your customer base is a tough challenge to meet. People enjoy great products on a daily basis that they don’t think twice about. There are however a few exceptions. For me, it typically comes down to what I rely on most, communication and transportation. I make it a point to invest in the latest and greatest tech so my phones have to be top notch or I tend to replace them rather quickly. I’ve also been a big car buff since an early age so my vehicle is more than a way to get from point A to B, it reflects my sense of style and taste. There’s nothing quite like purring pistons of a powerful sports car.


Creating an iconic brand that people are proud to sport is a great way of gaining a customers loyalty which tends to convert them into a free advertisement in the form of an unofficial brand ambassador. Several factors come into play when creating an iconic brand. Quality and reliability is often at the top of that list. Functionality and style also earn high marks with most buyers. These are all reasons why I chose to purchase Blackberry and BMW products. Not only will my next phone or car be from those companies, but I will express my experience in the form of storytelling with others in hopes to inspire them to experience the benefits of choosing these brands as well.

I’ve always enjoyed the functionality of a physical keyboard on my phone. There’s nothing worse then having fat finger typos on touch keyboard devices. It has a massive impact on the speed of productivity. When I want to type something quick my Blackberry has been instrumental. It’s also well known for security. I make most of my purchases online so it’s great to know that my device isn’t riddled with security gaps that expose my financial data to potential hackers and identity thieves.

I’ve also never had one quit working on me so it gets high marks with reliability in my book. I tend to drop phones every so often and its nice to know they’re solidly built with quality and don’t break easily upon falling. For as long as the company is around, my first smartphone and last smartphone will always be a Blackberry.


When it comes to BMW I cant say enough to do this brand justice. I’ve never had a more responsive, reliable, comfortable and stylish car. I’ve always loved 007 movies and particularly Goldeneye because I spent countless hours as a kid playing the famous n64 shooter. It was also that movie where James Bond started to sport the BMW brand in the form of the Z3 Roadster. Fast forward to my late twenties when I found myself behind the wheel of that very same car in a test drive, nearly a classic by that time. Despite having been on the road for nearly two decades, the thing drove like a dream and was in perfect condition.

I ended up walking away that day with a hell of a deal. To this day, that car has been a workhorse while remaining a daily mode of transportation. It hasn’t once broken down and every dollar put into it was spent on improvements and standard maintenance. It’s also getting compliments all the time as the design is still very striking despite its age. I’m currently looking at getting another car. This time I’ll be purchasing the Z4 Roadster, a newer more powerful and sharper design of the same class of car. I’d say BMW has definitely earned my respect as a brand by building solid, reliable and comfortable yet sporty cars.


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Storytelling And Social Media

From the beginning of time, mankind has been telling stories. We see evidence through the artifacts of the ancient world from the relics of the bronze age to the masterpieces of the classical age and eventually to the allegories that parallel our modern world. The story of Atlantis is one that has always captured my imagination.


I recently saw a documentary on Netflix (marketed through social media) that made my heart flutter. Artist and hustler Damien Hurst set out to put his money where his mouth was and finance something awesome. I really don’t think he anticipated the results of his endeavors. The crew he financed made the discovery of a lifetime and more.

Gold Medusa.jpg

They were looking for underwater treasure and what they found was more than a dream come true times a trillion. I have very few words to describe what was found because it changes what we know of our own history. Watch the documentary and if you can go see the otherworldly work that was uncovered in person don’t hesitate. The golden medusa head is my favorite piece.

Stories are the currency of connection. The way we communicate as individuals is all about self-expression. We project ourselves in the way we tell stories. This is partially ego driven but with an underlying desire to share truth with others. We all contribute to this truth as a collective primarily through social media. The internet has made our ability to share the information we wish to project extremely fast and efficient. As we venture into the age of AI (Artificial Intelligence) we face many challenges. This is where we see a double edge sword in the vision forward. The story of Terminator comes to mind.

There are two primary schools of thought. It’s the age-old battle between past, present and future. There are some who say our technology will be our downfall, while there are others who dive in head first and whole heartedly without question of danger. What do you think will happen once the world comes to realize the singularity? Stay tuned as the plot thickens.


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Online Communities of Artists

The most informative content that I adapt to my process almost always comes from the inspirational people I follow online. There are thousands of great artists sharing their work online and many are putting content out there that is designed to help other artists grow as business professionals. There are some great people I follow on various social media platforms as well as their blogs, YouTube channels, websites and even virtual worlds. Some of them include people like Carolyn Edlund AKA ArtsyShark, Alyson B Stanfield AKA ArtBizCoach, and College Art Association or CAA. These people have amazing content that I learn so much from.

Some of the communities I engage with online include professionals that work for tech companies like Adobe, Autodesk, Unreal and Unity. They have YouTube channels where they share tips/tricks, how to tutorials, information about new features and most importantly live project and portfolio reviews. The folks over at Adobe were even kind enough to review one of my designs via live video feed. They checked out a ferrofluid style page set up I had created as an online store using Adobe XD which I was beta testing at the time. It was great to get their valuable feedback and I look forward to each live feed I manage to come across because it gives me an opening to have my work seen by everyone watching their videos.

For the time being, I’m working as a solo artist, so my cohorts and business partners have yet to be developed. From time to time I do bounce ideas for art projects off my fiancé and friends and their honesty gives me an idea about which projects are worth pursuing. Currently I have a project in the works which will be helping a fellow classmate and well-known blogger (Scott Stokes from Northwest Chefs) curate artwork for a virtual coffee shop he is creating in Second Life called BLACK SHEEP. The place looks great and will be an amazing social hub for people from all walks of life. I’m looking forward to contributing to this project and providing great conversation pieces while people enjoy some digital caffeine and ambiance.

Black Sheep Cafe

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My Story

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a creator. I was always drawing in class when I should have been solving math problems or taking notes in science. There was no medium that was off limits to my artistry. Paintings, sculptures and sketches filled my room growing up. As the years went by, I started to run out of room in my home and office. Eventually it got to the point where I had so much art stacked up that I had nowhere to make more! During my short time studying art at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, I remember being taught to be cautious about selling originals so as not to cheapen my collection to a craft as opposed to fine art. This always made me apprehensive about letting my work go. Each piece is a part of me in some way.


After working many years in jobs unrelated to my passion for the sake of paying rent I began to feel as though I wasn’t exercising my strength. Customer service has never been a problem for me, but I was selling other peoples products and not prioritizing my greatest asset, my own artwork. No wonder I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my career. This really bothered me, so I decided to make some alterations to my direction in life. It was time for a new approach.

2017 Peninsula College Student Art Show 2

With my full dedication and some careful planning, I decided to go back to college, but instead of studying fine art I decided to go after a degree in multimedia graphic design. Graphic artists have increasingly caught my attention as I got older and I began to realize that computers are extremely powerful tools for creating amazing artwork. It was also evident to me that the market place for art is global and that I wanted everyone to see my work. So many sleepless nights and lists of deadlines later, I found myself with great new skills and the ability to market my own artwork online. I even took up photography!


Now art lovers can find me in several major hubs on the internet. I have my own website, a blog on WordPress, a Twitter feed, a Facebook page, an Instagram gallery, a YouTube channel and a portfolio on Behanced. Follow me on these platforms to see the full scope of my creations. From concept development, through process, to final product; see how I do what I do and find out why. My custom prints make great gifts and the originals are true treasures for any collector.


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