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STE(A)M, Transmedia, Video

Fictional Stories, Education and Moral Conduct

Fictional stories are great at teaching for many reasons. People love storytelling but don’t always need the stories to be based on reality, fiction is a great escape and can also carry a message sometimes even more powerful than nonfiction stories. Many fictional stories are allegories with hidden meaning that isn’t apparent on the surface but through symbolism are able to convey a moral or political message.
A fictional story that’s had an influence on my life growing up was a TV and movie series called the X-files. Through the twisted tales of this franchise, I learned to appreciate oddities. One of the recurring morals of the story in the X-Files is that there are things in this world which aren’t always easy or even possible to explain with science as we know it. The character I empathize with is the Cigarette Smoking Man. To me, he was neither hero nor villain, but more of a necessity for challenging the characters.. It’s an endlessly fascinating series which I hope they continue to expand. I remember playing the old PC game from ’98, an update would be interesting.