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Influential Films

  1. Alien 3 – The story of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley is a truly memorable and inspiring one. The third chapter in the Alien franchise is the one that stands out most to me for many reasons. The setting was a prison colony in deep space with a stunning visual style. It looked like an art nouveau industrial district. The villain (the Xenomorph) was redesigned by H.R. Giger himself after James Cameron butchered the design in the second installation “Aliens.” This redesign came in the form of a genetic splice with a dog, revealing more about the nature of the Xenomorph. Above all, my favorite part of this film, which critics hated for the most part, was how the hero Lt. Ripley sacrificed herself to protect humanity from the weaponization of the Xenomorph DNA by her former employer, the Weyland Utani Corporation.

  2. A Scanner Darkly – This film sends chills down my spine every time I see it. The visual style is a work of art, overlaying vector graphics on film to create a realistic animation of iconic characters. The real reason this gem shines in my eyes is because of its use of uncanny valley. It holds a mirror up to society as it falls into a dystopian nightmare in the age of the war on terror. From hidden cameras to spy vans and scramble suits, this film is a trip.

  3. The Fifth Element – I can’t say enough about this timeless masterpiece. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t seen this movie. It’s an eyepopping work filled with creative sets, costumes, characters and concepts. It’s difficult to describe besides to say that if you haven’t seen it, you’ve been under a rock.